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Asmaul Husna by zeshanadeel Asmaul Husna by zeshanadeel
This Calligraphy work is Sayed Nafees Al-Hussaini, (also spelled Sayyid Nafis Shah al-Husayni, or simply Nafis Shah (Urdu: سید نفیس الحسینی) was an outstanding Pakistani Calligrapher, Writer, Poet and most importantly a renowned Sufi Sheikh. He had been awarded Pride of Performance, one of the highest awards by Government of Pakistan, for his great calligraphic work.

Asmaul Husna means beautiful names of Allah,

The 99 names and their meanings are as follows

Allah (الله) The God
Al Rahman (الرحمن) The All Beneficent
Al Rahim (الرحيم) The Most Merciful
Al Malik (الملك) The King, The Sovereign
Al Quddus (القدوس) The Most Holy
Al Salam (السلام) Peace and Blessing
Al Mu'min (المؤمن) The Guarantor
Al Muhaymin (المهيمن) The Guardian, the Preserver
Al 'Aziz (العزيز) The Almighty, the Self Sufficient
Al Jabbar (الجبار) The Powerful, the Irresistible
Al Mutakabbir (المتكبر) The Tremendous
Al Khaliq (الخالق) The Creator
Al Bari' (البارئ) The Maker
Al Musawwir (المصور) The Fashioner of Forms
Al Ghaffar (الغفار) The Ever Forgiving
Al Qahhar (القهار) The All Compelling Subduer
Al Wahhab (الوهاب) The Bestower
Al Razzaq (الرزاق) The Ever Providing
Al Fattah (الفتاح) The Opener, the Victory Giver
Al Alim (العليم) The All Knowing, the Omniscient
Al Qabid (القابض) The Restrainer, the Straightener
Al Basit (الباسط) The Expander, the Munificent
Al Khafid (الخافض) The Abaser
Al Rafi' (الرافع) The Exalter
Al Mu'izz (المعز) The Giver of Honor
Al Mudhill (المذل) The Giver of Dishonor
Al Sami' (السميع) The All Hearing
Al Basir (البصير) The All Seeing
Al Hakam (الحكم) The Judge, the Arbitrator
Al 'Adl (العدل) The Utterly Just
Al Latif (اللطيف) The Subtly Kind
Al Khabir (الخبير) The All Aware
Al Halim (الحليم) The Forbearing, the Indulgent
Al 'Azim (العظيم) The Magnificent, the Infinite
Al Ghafur (الغفور) The All Forgiving
Al Shakur (الشكور) The Grateful
Al 'Ali (العلى) The Sublimely Exalted
Al Kabir (الكبير) The Great
Al Hafiz (الحفيظ) The Preserver
Al Muqit (المقيت) The Nourisher
Al Hasib (الحسيب) The Reckoner
Al Jalil (الجليل) The Majestic
Al Karim (الكريم) The Bountiful, the Generous
Al Raqib (الرقيب) The Watchful
Al Mujib (المجيب) The Responsive, the Answerer
Al Wasi' (الواسع) The Vast, the All Encompassing
Al Hakim (الحكيم) The Wise
Al Wadud (الودود) The Loving, the Kind One
Al Majid (المجيد) The All Glorious
Al Ba'ith (الباعث) The Raiser of the Dead
Al Shahid (الشهيد) The Witness
Al Haqq (الحق) The Truth, the Real
Al Wakil (الوكيل) The Trustee, the Dependable
Al Qawiyy (القوى) The Strong
Al Matin (المتين) The Firm, the Steadfast
Al Waliyy (الولى) The Protecting Friend, Patron, and Helper
Al Hamid (الحميد) The All Praiseworthy
Al Muhsi (المحصى) The Accounter, the Numberer of All
Al Mubdi' (المبدئ) The Producer, Originator, and Initiator of all
Al Mu'id (المعيد) The Reinstater Who Brings Back All
Al Muhyi (المحيى) The Giver of Life
Al Mumit (المميت) The Bringer of Death, the Destroyer
Al Hayy (الحي) The Ever Living
Al Qayyum (القيوم) The Self Subsisting Sustainer of All
Al Wajid (الواجد) The Perceiver, the Finder, the Unfailing
Al Majid (الماجد) The Illustrious, the Magnificent
Al Wahid (الواحد) The One, the All Inclusive, the Indivisible
Al Samad (الصمد) The Self Sufficient, the Impregnable, the Eternally Besought of All, the Everlasting
Al Qadir (القادر) The All Able
Al Muqtadir (المقتدر) The All Determiner, the Dominant
Al Muqaddim (المقدم) The Expediter, He who brings forward
Al Mu'akhkhir (المؤخر) The Delayer, He who puts far away
Al Awwal (الأول) The First
Al Akhir (الأخر) The Last
Al Zahir (الظاهر) The Manifest; the All Victorious
Al Batin (الباطن) The Hidden; the All Encompassing
Al Wali (الوالي) The Patron
Al Muta'al (المتعالي) The Self Exalted
Al Barr (البر) The Most Kind and Righteous
Al Tawwab (التواب) The Ever Returning, Ever Relenting
Al Muntaqim (المنتقم) The Avenger
Al 'Afuww (العفو) The Pardoner, the Effacer of Sins
Al Ra'uf (الرؤوف) The Compassionate, the All Pitying
Malik al Mulk (مالك الملك) The Owner of All Sovereignty
Dhu al Jalal wa al Ikram (ذو الجلال و الإكرام) The Lord of Majesty and Generosity
Al Muqsit (المقسط) The Equitable, the Requiter
Al Jami' (الجامع) The Gatherer, the Unifier
Al Ghani (الغنى) The All Rich, the Independent
Al Mughni (المغنى) The Enricher, the Emancipator
Al Mani'(المانع) The Withholder, the Shielder, the Defender
Al Darr (الضار) The Distressor, the Harmer (This attribute can only be found in hadith.
Al Nafi' (النافع) The Propitious, the Benefactor
Al Nur (النور) The Light
Al Hadi (الهادئ) The Guide
Al Badi (البديع) Incomparable, the Originator
Al Baqi (الباقي) The Ever Enduring and Immutable
Al Warith (الوارث) The Heir, the Inheritor of All
Al Rashid (الرشيد) The Guide, Infallible Teacher, and Knower
Al Sabur (الصبور) The Patient, the Timeless
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